The Ancient Art of ‘No Mind’ and the Benefits of Modern Practice

When the Olympic athlete is approaching the final moments of her performance and ready to grasp that glorious medal, she is unaware of the screaming crowd. She is not thinking about the dispute she had with her colleague last week. She is not pondering over that e-mail that she has not yet responded to, nor is she attempting to conclude how winning this event could impact her career. The connection between her mind and body is very subtle. Any distraction; any uncertain thought; any emotionally stimulated reaction could cause the communication between her mental and physical to be disrupted. When her … Read More


The Brainwave Frequencies Behind Your Mood

The human brain is a constant process of billions of neurons sending and receiving signals of electrical impulse. This complex interaction is what drives your experience of life, right down to your mood, thoughts, and senses. A brainwave is how we can describe the various states of this electrical activity — known as a brainwave pattern. Depending on what you may be doing or experiencing, your brainwaves will vary. For example, these waves are different when you are awake compared to when you are sleeping. To measure brainwave activity, sensitive equipment called an EEG is used. Hz is the abbreviation for hertz. This is the … Read More


Finding Solace in the Home

From the mother swallow building her nest, to the old dog contentedly curling up in a blanket near the heater, animals understand the importance of a resting place. The home is a place of safety and self-care. It is where we go to nurture ourselves and those we love, where we find privacy and comfort. In today’s world, there are so many resources, choices, and stimuli begging for our attention. So much so, that even when we are at home, we are not fully there — the mind is usually elsewhere. The digital screens that hold our attention have become … Read More


Developing Self Discipline: Make Stuff Happen!

Living a life that is governed by self-discipline is something that can reap many rewards. Although there is nothing easy about it, incorporating self-discipline into your daily mode of functioning is well worth the effort. In order to attain true freedom, discipline is something that must first be controlled and ultimately mastered. There is no shortcut! Simply put, self-discipline is your ability to do something that you know would benefit you in a positive way, regardless of whether or not you feel like doing it. Our culture is all about instant gratification and the concept of developing self-discipline can sometimes … Read More