35+ Abundance Affirmations

Abundance Affirmations are for those who want to push past the limitations set by the subconscious mind in order to live a more abundant life. The mind places boundaries to limit you from achieving your biggest goals by creating unnecessary thought and emotional hurdles.

By doing this, it slowly destroys your confidence, self-image, and self-worth, all in an attempt to lock you in. Abundance Affirmations are the key to unlocking your potential, breaking free from the mind’s prison, achieving your biggest goals, and living an ideal life.

When you read these affirmations, your mind starts to learn and transform, thereby releasing you from eternal bondage so you can spread your wings and manifest your dreams.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of These Abundance Affirmations

  1. Affirmations work best when heard first thing in the morning. This is because the moment you wake up, whether you wake up to a negative or positive thought, affirmations will inject positivity into your subconscious mind that in turn churns out positive thoughts throughout the day. A positive mindset will not only boost your confidence but also improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Listening to affirmations on a loop will further embed them in the deep layers of your subconscious mind, thereby breaking the toxic cycle of negative thoughts and emotions.
  3. Use a good pair of headphones to listen to these Abundance Affirmations in a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed. The idea is to be able to hear and repeat affirmations without being distracted or interrupted!
  4. Affirmations will work when you trust the process, so don’t get discouraged or frustrated if things don’t work out instantly. You will need patience and faith to see manifestation work to your benefit.
  5. Be consistent in your practice of reading, hearing, and repeating affirmations. Whilst playing affirmations on a loop every day is beneficial, being consistent and hearing them every day will boost your vibrancy and allow you to receive the energy you need from the universe!

Abundance Affirmations

1. “I attract miracles into my life.”

2. “I am abundant, and I live in an abundant Universe.”

3. “Every day I am attracting more and more abundance into my life”

4. “I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.”

5. “Every day in every way I am becoming more and more prosperous.”

6. “The abundance in my life is a vessel for good.”

7. “Money flows to me from many different sources”

8. “I am capable of overcoming any money-obstacles that stand in my way.”

9. “My actions create constant prosperity and abundance.”

10. “I can conquer my money goals.”

11. “I am aligned with my purpose.”

12. “I am always discovering new sources of income.”

13. “My life is full of abundance.”

14. “I achieve whatever I set my mind to.”

15. “Money simply falls into my lap”

16. “Today I am attracting wealth, abundance, and happiness.”

17. “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.”

18. “I choose faith over fear.”

19. “I am connected to the endless abundance of the universe.”

20. “I am open to receiving unexpected opportunities.”

21. “I am worthy of what I desire.”

22. “Whatever I do, it always ends in amassing wealth.”

23. “I am open to receiving all wealth life brings to me.”

24. “My life is filled with health and wealth.”

25. “I experience wealth as a key part of my life.”

26. “I create my financial success”

27. “I choose to embrace the mystery of life.”

28. “I am embracing new avenues and opportunities for abundance daily.”

29. “I am a money magnet”

30. “Abundance is forever flowing into my life.”

31. “I am my best source of motivation.”

32. “I am open to limitless possibilities.”

33. “Wealth is a positive expression of divine energy.”

34. “I am fully open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.”

35. “I am creative and open to new solutions.”

Did You Enjoy Reading These Abundance Affirmations?

Which of these abundance affirmations resonated with you? Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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