305+ Clear Skin Affirmations

People who deal with skin conditions know how difficult it is to treat these conditions and the toll it takes on their mental health. Skin problems may be difficult to treat, but they shouldn’t affect your mental health and if it does seem to be affecting you, Clear Skin Affirmations will help you relax while you let your skin heal.

These affirmations are powerful statements that will change the way you think about your skin, thereby altering how you feel about your skin; going from negative to positive.

Let these affirmations heal your mind so you can begin to heal your skin in the way you see best.

Remember, a hazy mind, full of self-doubt, will never let you push forward, and this is why you need these affirmations to rebuild your focus on what you need to do for clearer skin.  

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of These Clear Skin Affirmations

  1. Affirmations work best when heard first thing in the morning. This is because the moment you wake up, whether you wake up to a negative or positive thought, affirmations will inject positivity into your subconscious mind that in turn churns out positive thoughts throughout the day. A positive mindset will not only boost your confidence but also improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Listening to affirmations on a loop will further embed them in the deep layers of your subconscious mind, thereby breaking the toxic cycle of negative thoughts and emotions.
  3. Use a good pair of headphones to listen to the clear skin affirmations in a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed. The idea is to be able to hear and repeat affirmations without being distracted or interrupted!
  4. Affirmations will work when you trust the process, so don’t get discouraged or frustrated if things don’t work out instantly. You will need patience and faith to see manifestation work to your benefit.
  5. Be consistent in your practice of reading, hearing, and repeating affirmations. Whilst playing affirmations on a loop every day is beneficial, being consistent and hearing them every day will boost your vibrancy and allow you to receive the energy you need from the universe!

Clear Skin Affirmations

1. “My skin is smooth, soft and so youthful.”

2. “My smooth and radiant skin adds to my attractiveness.”

3. “I am giving positive, high vibration energy to my body and skin daily.”

4. “I have healthy and clear skin.”

5. “I feel at ease in my body.”

6. “Clearing my acne will be a massive improvement to my life.”

7. “I have natural beauty.”

8. “My skin is strong and healthy.”

9. “My skin glows with joy.”

10. “My skin is thankful to me.”

11. “My skin feels supple and smooth.”

12. “My (insert current skin problem) is only temporary.”

13. “I am healing my acne.”

14. “I have always loved my skin.”

15. “I love my skin as it is.”

16. “My skin is healthy and youthful.”

17. “My extremely attractive skin attracts massive attention, desire, love and intimacy now.”

18. “I am guided from within to make positive lifestyle choices which support my healthy skin.”

19. “I am released of all negative emotions stored in my skin.”

20. “I remember when I had acne. Now, my skin is perfect.”

21. “My skin is smooth and clear.”

22. “I clear any ways I am afraid of communicating that I am holding in my skin.”

23. “My skin is glowing, even and flawless.”

24. “I regularly receive compliments for my youthful and clear skin.”

25. ” I make time to nourish my mind, body & soul.”

26. “My perfectly flawless skin is now incredibly resilient and resistant to all irritants, toxins and excess oils.”

27. “My skin is youthful, even and flawless.”

28. “I eat healthy food that is good for my skin.”

29. “I am noticing that my skin is feeling healthier.”

30. “I take good care of my skin and my skin is happy.”

31. “I have perfect skin.”

32. “My skin is radiant and healthy.”

33. “I release all fear I am holding in my skin.”

34. “My skin is healthy and balanced.”

35. “I am a lovely person with wonderful skin.”

36. “My skin is healthy.”

37. “I release any impatience I am holding in my skin.”

38. “My skin is regenerating and restoring now.”

39. “A life free from acne can be achieved.”

40. “I am developing healthy skin habits and routines.”

41. “I am truly thankful my scars have faded so rapidly, I now have a fair, even clear skin all over.”

42. “I accept my skin just the way it is.”

43. “My skin is clear, soft and smooth.”

44. “My skin shines self love.”

45. “I now always take proper care of my skin and instinctively eat healthy food that is ideal for my attractive skin.”

46. “I treat my skin gently and with love.”

47. “My skin is clear and radiant.”

48. “I am in love with taking care of myself.”

49. “My skin is soft and youthful and rosy and gorgeous.My skin is glowing and perfect.”

50. “I will learn to protect my skin.”

51. “My skin’s imperfections are healing every day.”

52. “With every breath I take, my skin gets noticeably clearer and clearer.”

53. “I now direct blood flow and nutrition to my face.”

54. “I am worthy of having clear skin.”

55. “My skin is a reflection of my well being. I therefore take the time to love and nourish myself daily.”

56. “My skin is dazzling.”

57. “My skin gets clearer every day.”

58. “My skin is healthy and gorgeous.”

59. “Every day my inner beauty shines brighter than before and my skin becomes more and more attractive.”

60. “My skin will not let me down and acne will go away.”

61. “My natural skincare is effective on me.”

62. “I have flawless, unblemished, unwrinkled skin.”

63. “Thank you for my beautiful, radiant skin.”

64. “I’m thankful for my perfect, flawless skin.”

65. “I am loving and appreciating my skin.”

66. “People compliment my skin all the time.”

67. “Clear youthful skin comes naturally to me.”

68. “I look at my skin with love.”

69. “I don’t have to change my skin condition if anybody else told me so.”

70. “I take good care of my skin.”

71. “Every day my skin becomes more and more radiant.”

72. “I am revitalising my skin daily.”

73. “I am grateful for the time I have lived to acquire my lovely wrinkles.”

74. “My skin is beautiful, clear and smooth.”

75. “I have clear skin.”

76. “My skin grows cleaner and clearer every day.”

77. “I have the power to heal my skin.”

78. “My skin is progressing itself.”

79. “I accept my skin for exactly how it is with no judgment.”

80. “Every day my skin becomes more radiant and perfect.”

81. “My skin is glowing every day.”

82. “My skin is smooth and clear now.”

83. “I have smooth, unblemished, unwrinkled skin.”

84. “I am blessed to have a clear and radiant complexion.”

85. “I will clear my acne.”

86. “I am blessed with clear and radiant skin.”

87. “I will always appreciate my skin.”

88. “I have soft and clear skin like a baby’s butt.”

89. “I release any anger my skin is holding for me.”

90. “I am taking care of my skin and my skin is taking care of me.”

91. “My acne is starting to clear up.”

92. “I release any lack of confidence I am holding in my skin.”

93. “My skin is radiant and perfect.”

94. “I have very youthful skin.”

95. “I believe in my skin.”

96. “I am falling in love with my beautiful, clear skin.”

97. “My skin glows with radiance and makes me feel beautiful.”

98. “I take good care of my beautiful skin.”

99. “I have healthy young skin.”

100. “My skin is balanced.”

101. “I am gentle with my skin.”

102. “My skin is beautiful.”

103. “My skin will heal.”

104. “I am so blessed to have such tight, glowing, perfect skin. This is amazing.”

105. “I have flawless and fair skin.”

106. “I eat healthy food to provide nutrition for my skin.”

107. “Healthy, vibrant skin comes naturally to me.”

108. “Nothing gets under my skin or makes my skin crawl now.”

109. “My skin is soft, youthful, rosy and gorgeous.”

110. “My skin is flawless in every way.”

111. “I am allowing my skin to transform through the power of self love.”

112. “I take good care of my skin and it responds by remaining soft, smooth and radiant.”

113. “I have naturally healthy and balanced skin.”

114. “I am practising a loving skin care routine.”

115. “Every day I am positively validating my skin.”

116. “My skin makes me happy.”

117. “People quickly notice my glowing skin.”

118. “I have incredibly clear and smooth skin.”

119. “My skin protects me peacefully and healthily now.”

120. “I am released of all toxicity from my skin.”

121. “I am fortunate to have healthy, glowing skin.”

122. “I am blessed with beautiful healthy skin.”

123. “I have beautiful, healthy skin.”

124. “I love my skin.”

125. “Clearing acne is easy.”

126. “I am transforming into someone with perfectly clear skin.”

127. “Beautiful skin is my natural right.”

128. “I enjoy taking proper care of my skin.”

129. “Drinking plenty of water helps me to get rid of acne.”

130. “I have a clear forehead without blackheads.”

131. “I love my skin and treat it with respect.”

132. “I am nurturing my skin.”

133. “I love and bless my skin.”

134. “My skin is light, silky and beautiful.”

135. “My mind will take care of my skin.”

136. “Others admire my clear skin.”

137. “I clear and release all the ways someone or something is getting under my skin.”

138. “I already see my skin transforming.”

139. “I am so grateful for my healthy and clear skin.”

140. “My skin is light, even and flawless.”

141. “My beautiful skin is a reflection of my beautiful self love.”

142. “Every day, my skin is responding to my love with beauty and radiance.”

143. “My skin is smooth, soft and healthy.”

144. “I have total dedication to clearing my acne.”

145. “My skin takes care of me and I take care of it.”

146. “My skin is clear and calm.”

147. “My skin self heals scars and stretch marks.”

148. “My skin is fair, even and flawless.”

149. “I release all the tension I am holding in my skin and showing on my face! Yes, yes, yes.”

150. “I am allowing my skin to be clear.”

151. “My skin is healing and healthy.”

152. “With every breath, my skin gets clearer.”

153. “I have glowing and radiant skin.”

154. “I have beautiful and clear skin without acne.”

155. “I take care of my skin.”

156. “My skin is supple and smooth.”

157. “I am returned to my natural state of having beautiful, clear skin.”

158. “I release any shock my skin is trying to cope with.”

159. “I release all the irritation I am holding in my skin.”

160. “I eat healthy food that nourishes my skin and enhances overall beauty.”

161. “Friends compliment me on my beautiful skin.”

162. “I feel thrilled that my skin is healthy and gorgeous.”

163. “My skin glows with youthful radiance.”

164. “Thank you for my happy, harmonious skin”

165. “I completely love my skin no matter what.”

166. “I clear and release any disturbances which I am manifesting in my skin.”

167. “Every day, I am loving my skin.”

168. “My skin heals itself fast.”

169. “My beautiful skin is blemish-free.”

170. “I am satisfied as my skin glows.”

171. “My skin is clear.”

172. “I release and completely let go of the belief that I have bad skin.”

173. “My skin is protected.”

174. “My skin is happy.”

175. “I have naturally healthy, beautiful and smooth skin.”

176. “My beautiful skin is blemishes free.”

177. “The more water I drink the better my skin looks and feels.”

178. “My skin is as smooth as silk.”

179. “I am protecting my skin.”

180. “My clear, soft skin is the first thing others notice about me.”

181. “I absolutely love my beautiful skin.”

182. “I will take great care of my skin.”

183. “I can direct positive healing vibes to my skin.”

184. “My acne is healing more and more every day.”

185. “I choose to have peace with my skin and with the world outside.”

186. “I am loving my skin.”

187. “I have beautiful skin.”

188. “My skin is very important to me.”

189. “I release all the grief I carrying in my skin.”

190. “Friends always appreciate my beautiful skin.”

191. “My skin is calm.”

192. “My skin is sublime.”

193. “Superfoods are best for my health and skin.”

194. “I am trusting my skin to be clear, beautiful and radiant.”

195. “My flawless skin gives me a youthful appearance.”

196. “I have beautiful, youthful skin.”

197. “I adore my skin very much.”

198. “My complexion is clear and radiant.”

199. “Thank you for my clear skin.”

200. “I release all the stress I am holding in my skin and showing on my face! Yes, yes, yes.”

201. “I deserve to get clear skin.”

202. “People compliment me on my clear and healthy skin.”

203. “My skin is safely free from stress and inflammation now.”

204. “I completely love my beautiful skin!”

205. “Everyone would love to have flawless skin like mine.”

206. “My skin reflects my inner well-being.”

207. “My small skin pores are now immediately shrinking to the most optimal size and they always stay clean and free from any clogs.”

208. “I am nourishing my skin.”

209. “I now realize my skin is doing the very best it can to support me.”

210. “My skin will always remain healthy and beautiful.”

211. “My skin is renewed and full of vitality.”

212. “I am proud of my appearance.”

213. “My skin is clean and clear.”

214. “My skin is even, smooth and free of wrinkles.”

215. “I have pink, dewy skin.”

216. “I take good care of my skin and it responds by remaining youthful, clear and radiant.”

217. “I release all the feelings of insecurity I am holding in my skin.”

218. “I love my skin and I appreciate how healthy it is.”

219. “My skin is beginning to look smoother.”

220. “My wrinkles and fine lines show my wisdom and strength.”

221. “I love my soft and clear skin without acne.”

222. “My skin tone is perfectly even.”

223. “I direct blood flow and nutrition to my face.”

224. “Others admire my beautiful and clear skin.”

225. “I am trusting in the process as my skin heals.”

226. “I will learn to love my skin.”

227. “I love my skin and I appreciate how beautiful and healthy it is!”

228. “I am allowing my skin to be radiant.”

229. “My skin is healthy and supple.”

230. “My skin supports me easily and effortlessly.”

231. “I am blessed to have a skin as smooth as silk.”

232. “My skin is naturally healthy and unblemished.”

233. “My skin is exquisite.”

234. “My skin is radiant.”

235. “My hormones are balanced and my skin is radiant.”

236. “I naturally have a beautiful, even lightly tanned skin tone.”

237. “I am comfortable in my skin.”

238. “I’m willing to take care of my skin every day.”

239. “I am allowing my skin to heal.”

240. “I am blessed to have a gorgeous skin that is rosy and radiant.”

241. “I feel beautiful and loved.”

242. “If other people are telling me bad things about my skin, it means they are jealous.”

243. “My skin is clear and beautiful.”

244. “My skin is beautiful and I love it.”

245. “I always wash my face at the end of each day.”

246. “My pores are becoming invisible right now.”

247. “I am feeding my skin with life-enhancing nutrients.”

248. “I have good skin, actually I have great skin. Thank you, skin for everything you do for me.”

249. “My skin is becoming more vibrant.”

250. “I will wash my face regularly.”

251. “My skin is cleansed.”

252. “I clear any ways my inner pain is manifesting in my skin.”

253. “I release all the anxiety I am holding in my skin.”

254. “I have a clear nose without blackheads.”

255. “My healthy diet provides me with perfect skin.”

256. “My skin is getting better and better every day.”

257. “I now easily manifest super clear skin by making smart and healthy lifestyle choices.”

258. “I am allowing my skin to be beautiful.”

259. “Others are starting to notice my beautiful complexion.”

260. “My skin is glowing and radiant.”

261. “I release any inner conflict that is coming to the surface of my skin.”

262. “It is safe for me to have clear skin.”

263. “my skin re-absorbs scars and stretchmarks, remaining unblemished.”

264. “I will make healthy choices that help to clear my acne.”

265. “My skin is gorgeous and glowing.”

266. “My skin is flawless.”

267. “My skin compliments my beautiful body now.”

268. “I have naturally healthy skin.”

269. “I feel confident with my radiant, wrinkle-free skin.”

270. “I have beautiful, clear skin.”

271. “I release any feelings of being unsettled that I am holding in my skin.”

272. “I deserve to have smooth, clear skin.”

273. “I am now grateful for my clear skin and I realise my skin is doing the very best it can to support me.”

274. “My skin is so good that people keep asking me what I use.”

275. “My skin is a reflection of my inner world of peace, harmony and balance.”

276. “I love my skin and don’t want anybody else.”

277. “My skin is a reflection of who I am and I am good.”

278. “My skin does not have any wrinkles at all.”

279. “I release all the fear of responsibility I am holding in my skin.”

280. “My perfect skin gives me confidence.”

281. “My skin heals blemishes and irritations with ease and grace.”

282. “My skin is peaceful, calm and healthy.”

283. “I’m grateful for my skin.”

284. “My skin responds to my self love with beauty and radiance.”

285. “I treat my skin gently and properly.”

286. “My skin is vibrant and alive.”

287. “I am trusting in my skin’s ability to heal itself.”

288. “My skin is glowing.”

289. “I love my skin, it is my best friend and I treat it with care and respect.”

290. “My skin is sacred.”

291. “My skin is naturally clear.”

292. “I am blessed and loved.”

293. “I release any frustration I am holding in my skin.”

294. “My skin is clean, perfect and smooth.”

295. “My healthy blood flow nourishes my skin.”

296. “I always take proper care of my skin.”

297. “I take good care of my skin.”

298. “Every day I to send love to my skin.”

299. “I will change my skin condition no matter what.”

300. “I have naturally healthy,beautiful and clear skin.”

301. “My complexion is clear and radiant.”

302. “I am now transforming into someone with perfectly clear skin.”

303. “My cheeks are rosy and smooth.”

304. “I will have clear skin all the time.”

305. “I release all my fears of being hurt that I am holding in my skin.”

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