35+ I Am Affirmations For Abundance

I Am Affirmations For Abundance are written for those who want to constantly attract abundance and success.

The words “I AM”, on their own, are extremely powerful and these affirmations can help you become the person you desire to be; the person who attracts the unending stream of positivity, success, and abundance that the universe provides.

The moment you start your sentences with “I am” your subconscious mind gives you the control to achieve all that you desire. I Am Affirmations are powerful enough to help you manifest your dream life. 

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of These I Am Affirmations For Abundance

  1. Affirmations work best when heard first thing in the morning. This is because the moment you wake up, whether you wake up to a negative or positive thought, affirmations will inject positivity into your subconscious mind that in turn churns out positive thoughts throughout the day. A positive mindset will not only boost your confidence but also improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Listening to affirmations on a loop will further embed them in the deep layers of your subconscious mind, thereby breaking the toxic cycle of negative thoughts and emotions.
  3. Use a good pair of headphones to listen to these I Am Affirmations For Abundance in a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed. The idea is to be able to hear and repeat affirmations without being distracted or interrupted!
  4. Affirmations will work when you trust the process, so don’t get discouraged or frustrated if things don’t work out instantly. You will need patience and faith to see manifestation work to your benefit.
  5. Be consistent in your practice of reading, hearing, and repeating affirmations. Whilst playing affirmations on a loop every day is beneficial, being consistent and hearing them every day will boost your vibrancy and allow you to receive the energy you need from the universe!

I Am Affirmations For Abundance

1. “I am confident of my money-making skills.”

2. “I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance.”

3. “I celebrate the abundance of everything in my life.”

4. “I am confident in my ability to gain a bigger clientele.”

5. “I am transforming myself into a money-making machine.”

6. “I am banishing all doubts in achieving my financial independence.”

7. “I reject disbelief and welcome abundance.”

8. “I am a magnet to attract endless abundance with a positive attitude.”

9. “I always attract more money-making opportunities.”

10. “I am curious to knock and open new doors to discover the gems of abundance.”

11. “I am expanding my opportunities to earn more.”

12. “I am no longer a stranger to wealth.”

13. “I am enjoying everything I have, and this constitutes my abundance.”

14. “I am good at attracting prosperity.”

15. “I am ready to receive a good amount of fortune.”

16. “I am financially abundant.”

17. “I am convinced that abundance is my birthright.”

18. “I am capable of attracting daily abundance.”

19. “I am blessed to have an abundance of health, prosperity and affirmative willingness.”

20. “I am embracing new income streams.”

21. “I am releasing every block that hinders my prosperity.”

22. “I am opening myself to unlimited wealth.”

23. “I am certain that the universe conspires to make me rich.”

24. “I am choosing to be richer than my wildest dreams now.”

25. “I am worthy of the wealth that I attract.”

26. “I am the master of my own finances.”

27. “I am accustomed to the power of abundance.”

28. “I am wealthy.”

29. “I am a money magnet.”

30. “I am attuned to the abundance of success.”

31. “I am a charmer. I emanate ampleness effortlessly.”

32. “I am committed to living a life full of abundance and financial blessings.”

33. “I see a millionaire’s lifestyle in my future.”

34. “I am creating an avalanche of financial blessings.”

35. “I am being chased by wealth.”

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