211+ Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations

Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations are for those who want to attract prosperity, happiness, love, and success. Anyone can read these affirmations as long as they’re read with utmost belief and have faith that their dreams will manifest if they put their heart and soul to make it happen. Florence Scovel Shinn believed that to succeed in life, the subconscious mind has to be trained to believe that you’re successful. According to her, if the subconscious mind believes that you’re successful, you’ll continue to achieve all that you plan because it paves the way for you in the form of ideas, … Read More


140+ Affirmations To Get Your Ex Back – Rekindle The Relationship

Affirmations To Get Your Ex Back are meant for those who’re having a hard time letting go of their exes and want them back in their lives. When you’re both deeply connected on emotional levels, it’s natural to not want to give up on the idea of being together again. It is possible to get your ex back using these affirmations. Affirmations To Get Your Ex Back are powerful facts that, when read daily, can get embedded in your subconscious mind and help you reprogram and rewire your brain to start working towards getting back together and recapturing your ex’s … Read More


156+ Positive Affirmations For Students

Positive Affirmations can help students calm their mind so you can manage stress, overcome challenges and make better decisions. Positive affirmations have the power to improve your health by equipping you with the ability to brush aside negative influences, thoughts, and emotions. Being a student is an exciting phase of life, but it is equally challenging and demanding. These positive affirmations for students, when spoken daily with utmost belief and emotion, will embed in your subconscious mind and shield you from negative thinking so you can breeze through any challenges and difficulties without straying from your actual goal. Tips For … Read More


215+ Affirmations For Family

Affirmations for the family are powerful statements you can say out loud to help you dissect your thoughts so you can stop worrying about little details and start enjoying moments with them. When you think about your family, a myriad of thoughts come pouring into your head, and if you inspect closely, you’ll realize that most of these thoughts stem from negativity. As a responsible member of your family, you’re naturally worried for everyone’s well-being, but in all that, you forget what’s truly important right now. These family-focused affirmations will enable you to enjoy every moment with your family and … Read More


305+ Clear Skin Affirmations

People who deal with skin conditions know how difficult it is to treat these conditions and the toll it takes on their mental health. Skin problems may be difficult to treat, but they shouldn’t affect your mental health and if it does seem to be affecting you, Clear Skin Affirmations will help you relax while you let your skin heal. These affirmations are powerful statements that will change the way you think about your skin, thereby altering how you feel about your skin; going from negative to positive. Let these affirmations heal your mind so you can begin to heal … Read More


173+ New Month Affirmations

New Month Affirmations are a great way to declare to your subconscious mind that you’re ready for a change in the way you think so better things can happen to you. Each new month comes with its own set of opportunities and breakthroughs and if you want to claim these golden opportunities, a great way to do so is by directing your thoughts towards them. We often overlook golden nuggets of opportunities because we’re busy going with the flow. These affirmations are statements you can say out loud to manifest the life you want to create by taking control of … Read More


201+ Catherine Ponder Affirmations

Well-known author, Catherine Ponder has written numerous books, but some of her best works surround the power of positive affirmations. Catherine’s affirmations have the potential to change people’s lives by empowering them with the ability to manifest their lives according to their goals and ambitions. For these affirmations to work, you need to say them out loud to yourself, allowing your subconscious mind to believe in what you have to say. When you say them out loud, you release certain bottled-up energies into the universe and wait for them to return in abundance. Tips For Getting The Most Out Of … Read More


203+ Growth Mindset Affirmations

If you’re looking for a way to empower yourself and people with the ability to develop a growth mindset, there’s no better way than with growth mindset affirmations. These affirmations will help the user realize that learning is a continuous process and that success and failures are necessary milestones in our journey to becoming better people. Growth affirmations give people the ability to brush aside negative thoughts with ease while pushing them to experience the learning process to its full potential. These affirmations will equip you with the perseverance you need to grow and prosper in your life. Tips For … Read More


211+ Louise Hay Morning Affirmations

Founder and author Lousie Hay believes that how you start your day is how you live your life. According to her, there’s a deep connection between our emotional and mental body and this is why, sometimes, emotional diseases transform into physical diseases. Louise’s morning affirmations are all about rewiring the emotional body to indirectly heal the physical body. They can help you align your personal and professional life by realigning your mind and body for optimal function and by giving you the ability to let go of negative energies that become obstacles in your life. Tips For Getting The Most … Read More


697+ One Word Affirmations

Can affirmations be just one word? Not many people know that while affirmations are statements you have declared to be true, affirmations can also be one powerful word you want to engrave in your subconscious mind. One-word affirmations are potent words you can say out loud with emotional intensity to take control of your subconscious mind so you can make your thoughts and emotions work for you. Single word affirmations are individual seeds that bloom into renewal and regeneration if repeated daily. These affirmations have the power to slice through negative thoughts and emotions, paving the way for direct and … Read More