35+ Prosperity Affirmations

Prosperity Affirmations have been coined for those who want to start believing in what they’re truly capable of in order to manifest their dream life. In order to prosper, it’s important to use prosperity thinking.

Prosperity is when you thrive and flourish when you have good fortune and success, and you help those around you to prosper as well. The subconscious mind is a powerful tool, how you perceive things it sets as thought patterns.

In order to prosper, you’ll need to train your mind to believe and Prosperity Affirmations can help you do just that

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of These Prosperity Affirmations

  1. Affirmations work best when heard first thing in the morning. This is because the moment you wake up, whether you wake up to a negative or positive thought, affirmations will inject positivity into your subconscious mind that in turn churns out positive thoughts throughout the day. A positive mindset will not only boost your confidence but also improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Listening to affirmations on a loop will further embed them in the deep layers of your subconscious mind, thereby breaking the toxic cycle of negative thoughts and emotions.
  3. Use a good pair of headphones to listen to these Prosperity Affirmations in a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed. The idea is to be able to hear and repeat affirmations without being distracted or interrupted!
  4. Affirmations will work when you trust the process, so don’t get discouraged or frustrated if things don’t work out instantly. You will need patience and faith to see manifestation work to your benefit.
  5. Be consistent in your practice of reading, hearing, and repeating affirmations. Whilst playing affirmations on a loop every day is beneficial, being consistent and hearing them every day will boost your vibrancy and allow you to receive the energy you need from the universe!

Prosperity Affirmations

1. “I find peace knowing that financial security is a constant in my life and will continue to be for all of my days”

2. “I give and receive prosperity with Heart.”

3. “I am a money magnet; prosperity flows to and through me.”

4. “I am prosperous, without force or extreme effort.”

5. “Love and prosperity follow me everywhere.”

6. “The whole world is ready to make me more abundant and prosperous.”

7. “I am more than just my mistakes.”

8. “Wealth is pouring into my life like water from a fountain.”

9. “Wealth is pouring into my life.”

10. “I release every block that held me back from receiving prosperity.”

11. “My ideas are the source of my being.”

12. “I attract wealth and opportunity”

13. “Prosperity is evident in all aspects of my life.”

14. “I welcome receiving unexpected opportunities.”

15. “Money is constantly circulating in my life.”

16. “I radiate wealth, abundance, and prosperity.”

17. “Magic of gratitude is making my life more prosperous.”

18. “I am grateful for all the positive aspects of my life.”

19. “Every day and in every way I grow richer in faith and wealth.”

20. “My prosperity awareness is widen-up.”

21. “Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.”

22. “I am open to new solutions and creativity.”

23. “My prosperity is measured by love, happiness, and fulfillment.”

24. “I am highly blessed with prosperity and abundance.”

25. “I am eternal and my prosperity is limitless.”

26. “I release all limiting beliefs.”

27. “I am open to unlimited possibilities.”

28. “Everything I create adds value to global healing and recovery.”

29. “I marvel at the prosperity all around me. I am rich.”

30. “I am prepared to share all my gifts with the world.”

31. “My wealth shines from within me.”

32. “I create prosperity with Ease and perfection.”

33. “My actions create constant wealth, prosperity, and abundance.”

34. “I constantly attract opportunities that create more prosperity in my life.”

35. “Prosperity is drawn to me like a moth to flame.”

Did You Enjoy Reading These Prosperity Affirmations?

Which of these prosperity affirmations resonated with you? Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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