35+ Relationship Affirmations

Relationship Affirmations are reserved for those who want to be able to improve their relationship with their partner.

Strong relationships call for unending passion, commitment, and love, regardless of the situation you’re in and these affirmations are here to help you do just that.

Relationship Affirmations are powerful sentences that act as reminders of why you’re together and why you should continue to be together.

They remind you of your goals, milestones, promises, and aspirations that you need to fulfill on your own and as a couple to strengthen your bond with each other.

Relationship Affirmations are nothing but powerful words of encouragement to remind you that you’re worthy of a happier, healthier, and more meaningful relationship with your partner. 

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of These Relationship Affirmations

  1. Affirmations work best when heard first thing in the morning. This is because the moment you wake up, whether you wake up to a negative or positive thought, affirmations will inject positivity into your subconscious mind that in turn churns out positive thoughts throughout the day. A positive mindset will not only boost your confidence but also improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Listening to affirmations on a loop will further embed them in the deep layers of your subconscious mind, thereby breaking the toxic cycle of negative thoughts and emotions.
  3. Use a good pair of headphones to listen to these Relationship Affirmations in a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed. The idea is to be able to hear and repeat affirmations without being distracted or interrupted!
  4. Affirmations will work when you trust the process, so don’t get discouraged or frustrated if things don’t work out instantly. You will need patience and faith to see manifestation work to your benefit.
  5. Be consistent in your practice of reading, hearing, and repeating affirmations. Whilst playing affirmations on a loop every day is beneficial, being consistent and hearing them every day will boost your vibrancy and allow you to receive the energy you need from the universe!

Relationship Affirmations

1. “I am at peace with all my relationships, and I bring peace to others in all my encounters.”

2. “I’m happy and grateful for having loving people in my life”

3. “I accept a perfect loving relationship with open arms.”

4. “I am happy to give and receive love every day.”

5. “I am worthy and deserving of a loving relationship.”

6. “I deserve to have a happy relationship .”

7. “I attract wonderful positive people into my world.”

8. “I always bring positivity to my relationship.”

9. “All my relationships are now loving and harmonious.”

10. “I find love everywhere I go.”

11. “I feel loved and cherished by my partner.”

12. “I am in a loving and lasting relationship.”

13. “I attract only loving and uplifting people into my life.”

14. “I receive love in abundance from everyone I meet.”

15. “I treat my relationship with the care and attention it deserves.”

16. “All relationships in my life are harmonious and empowering.”

17. “I am always strengthening the love and relationship that I share with my partner.”

18. “I am worthy of a healthy, loving relationship.”

19. “Our love is stronger than argument and fights.”

20. “I am blessed to have a partner that I can trust with my secrets.”

21. “All efforts put into building a happy relationship are worth it.”

22. “I feel eternally grateful to have my partner in my life.”

23. “I feel loved, cherished, and secure in my relationship.”

24. “My relationship is filled with joy and fun and love.”

25. “I believe in the integrity of my partner.”

26. “I naturally find love everywhere.”

27. “I am in a joyous relationship with someone who truly loves me.”

28. “I will continue to foster a healthy relationship.”

29. “I am overflowing with love and gratitude for my relationship.”

30. “Love starts with me.”

31. “I respect and appreciate my partner.”

32. “The Universe wants the most fulfilling, wonderful love for me.”

33. “I bless and heal all relationships in my life.”

34. “My normal day consists of having happy healthy relationships.”

35. “I sense divine love connecting me with my partner.”

Did You Enjoy Reading These Relationship Affirmations?

Which of these relationship affirmations resonated with you? Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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