Kelly Stiles


147+ Real Estate Affirmations

Real Estate / Realtor Affirmations are designed for real estate agents and brokers who want to move past criticism and build self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence. These affirmations aren’t specifically designed for realtors, they can be used by anyone who relates to the affirmations listed below. Being a real estate agent is a challenging career, to begin with, and it’s easy to absorb the daily stresses you encounter. While it may not look like much, the stress you absorb can poison your thoughts and emotions, leaving you vulnerable at times. Real Estate / Realtor Affirmations will shield you from external forces … Read More


199+ Valentine’s Day Affirmations

Valentine’s Day Affirmations are reserved for people who’re in relationships, people who’re looking for the perfect relationship, or those who wish to improve their relationships. Valentine’s Day Affirmations are a great way to teach your mind to focus on the good qualities of people around you. Negative thinking will never let anyone enjoy relationships, and so it’s important that negative thinking and negative thoughts be eradicated from your mind to see the true value of people you meet. These affirmations have the power to help you think positively so you can attract and invite fulfilling relationships that you deserve. The … Read More


203+ Neville Goddard Affirmations

Neville Goddard Affirmations are meant for those whose creativity knows no bounds. Neville Goddard firmly believes that our imagination plays a huge role in realizing the lives that we desire to live. If you put your creative imagination to work, you’ll see how easy it is to accomplish your goals without experiencing the hardship and challenges that often come with success. Neville Goddard Affirmations can help you manifest your dreams by kickstarting your imagination so that you can start imagining the life you desire and manifest it before your eyes. These affirmations work best when they’re read daily with true … Read More


252+ Good Night Quotes

Good Night Quotes are perfect little quotes to remind yourself and your loved ones how much you love and care for them. We don’t say “Good Night” as often as we say “Hello”, but know that Good Night Quotes are just as important, it’s like reassuring yourself and your loved ones that tomorrow brings better opportunities and that they should look forward to it. When you wish someone good night, you’re hoping that they’ll sleep well, they’ll dream big, and they’ll wake up energized and refreshed to manifest their ideal life. Good Night Quotes are beautiful words strung together that … Read More


108+ Gabby Bernstein Affirmations

Gabby Bernstein Affirmations are meant for those who want to realign their body, mind, and spirit with the stream of well-being. Picture well-being as a constantly flowing stream that you can reach and immerse in only if you align yourself to it. According to Gabby Bernstein, everything falls in its perfect place when you believe in the process and practice love. When you read Gabby Bernstein Affirmations daily, you’ll realize how effortlessly you accept any situation that comes your way and remain positive despite all negative external circumstances. When you start accepting anything that comes your way, you naturally align … Read More


214+ Love Affirmations For Him

Love Affirmations are reserved for those who want to attract love in any form in their lives. Love from a soulmate, a pet, family, or even plants, the list is endless when it comes to the different sources of love you can receive to enrich your life. Love Affirmations can transform lives and when you receive what you yearn for, you’ll feel all sorts of happiness and joy you thought was impossible. You’ll feel worthy of the love you receive that you rightly deserve. These affirmations, when read daily, will make your subconscious mind believe that you’re ready to embrace … Read More


200+ I Am Beautiful Affirmations

I Am Beautiful Affirmations are for those who want reassurance that they’re beautiful inside and out. Believing that you’re beautiful will boost your self-esteem and confidence that can otherwise take years to heal. Beauty isn’t a physical dimension of life, it’s a non-physical dimension that pours out from your attitude towards yourself and others around you. I Am Beautiful Affirmations will help you develop that attitude and embed it as a fact in your subconscious mind to feel empowered for as long as you live. As soon as your mind believes that you’re a beautiful person, external factors will never … Read More


221+ I Am Worthy Affirmations – The Power Of Self-Love

I Am Worthy Affirmations are reserved for those who want to boost their self-worth after years of damage and judgments. It’s easy to judge yourself, but you must remember that you’re perfect just the way you are. When you stop judging yourself, you’ll see just how much potential you have within you to rise to new heights. No one was born incomplete, we’re all a powerhouse within ourselves and this powerhouse is accessible to those who believe in self-worth and self-love. The more you repeat I Am Worthy Affirmations, the more you’ll realize how easy it is to absorb beauty … Read More


126+ Bob Proctor Affirmations

Bob Proctor Affirmations are reserved for those who want to become money magnets! It sounds impractical at first, but when you think about it, you can be a money magnet if you focus on your attitude towards money and change your mindset from poor to rich and these affirmations can help you achieve all that. As long as your conscious and subconscious mind is in harmony, all that’s left is to direct your energies with the help of Bob Proctor Affirmations. If you change the way you think about money, you can etch those changes in your subconscious mind and … Read More


146+ Joe Dispenza Affirmations

Joe Dispenza Affirmations are for those who want to change their mindsets and rewire their brains to live a quality life. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, our thoughts play a major role in how we live our lives because they act as a roadmap that we subconsciously follow. Our thoughts convert into neurons that form pathways in our subconscious mind. When these pathways are formed we’re naturally prevented from thinking out-of-the-box and forced to walk the paths laid out by the subconscious mind. When we follow these paths for too long, they become habits. Joe Dispenza Affirmations, when repeated daily, … Read More