The Benefits of Third Eye Meditation

Most of us are well acquainted with using our two eyes to see, but what many do not realize is that we have an internal “third eye” that can also be an invaluable source of knowledge, and which can help with our daily existence. Here are some things you should know about the third eye and how to use it to your advantage through meditation.

What Is the Third Eye?

The intuition of the third eye sees things that go otherwise unnoticed by your own physical senses.

The Third Eye Chakra is the sixth energy center located at the brow, just above the bridge of the nose. It is a chakra that deals with sight and higher vision, both of the spiritual and the physical world.

If you have ever had a feeling that you could not explain, i.e. you knew someone you cared about was in distress and found out later that it actually happened, or you felt as if you were being watched but there was no one around, it was your third eye peering into the spiritual connections and guides that we have all around us.

Every human being possesses this third eye, like an intuitive sixth sense. This realm of energy expands your perception, and this can be quite useful in clearing blocks and higher levels of consciousness.

What Can It Do For Me?

Harnessing your third eye through meditation allows you to access wisdom and knowledge that is already inside you, locked away from your conscious mind. It cuts through the illusions and lies we tell ourselves to reach the deeper truths kept away by the clutter of the daily pursuit.

It is another way to make contact with our intuition that can help us find meaning in life where there was none before, and answers to questions that had since gone unanswered.

Simply meditating with the intention of generating energy within the third eye also banishes negativity from your thoughts and from your life experience. It uses both sides of the brain in perfect harmony. Setting time aside to meditate and bring awareness to the third eye allows us to take a step back from the physical world and let go of the stresses keeping us stuck in it.

We all have such powerful spiritual potential inside, but so many of us never tap into it. Third eye meditation allows us to stay mindful moment by moment while gaining some profound meaning of what it truly means to be alive. Sometimes all we need to do is slow down and ask for some direction before a deeper part of our being is able to provide us with some guidance.

Simple Technique to Access Third Eye Meditation

  • Sit with your back as straight as comfortably possible and breathe consciously.

  • Take a couple of minutes to release any expectation or resistance; intentionally grant full permission to the moment.

  • Feel each breath penetrate your body and sense that each breath is flowing into the root of your spine.

  • Feel the gentle energy generating in the base of your body and imagine yourself getting lighter as the energy and sensation of your spine slowly move up your entire body towards your head. As this energy moves up through your body, it is becoming brighter and taking the form of light.

  • As you feel lighter and more relaxed, bring your attention towards the middle of your forehead, in between your eyebrows.

  • Sense the energy within your third eye concentrated into a ball of energetic light. Continue breathing deeply and allow yourself to float comfortably as this sphere holds your awareness.

  • Your intention is to be completely open to the moment and willing to receive insight and vibrant energy flow. Feel this openness; harness your intention; remain calm.

  • Now you can silently ask for guidance from a higher form of your being. Sit with this intention.

  • Become aware of your imagination. You may experience a burst of thought, images, or sensations of emotion come into your awareness. Allow this energy to flow freely and appreciate how you feel.

  • Feel the comfort of knowing that you are in direct communication with yourself and allow this moment to unfold naturally without judgment. Be there for yourself and allow the energy of your third eye to vibrate.

  • When you are ready, bring your attention back to your breathing and after about 10 deep breaths, open your eyes and become aware of your surrounding.

  • Take 5 minutes to sit with the sensations of the moment and reflect on your experience.

Silently say “thank you for this moment”; remain grateful and know that this space is always here, ready for you to visit and develop a strong and exciting relationship with your path to wisdom.

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