35+ Quotes About Ignorance

Quotes About Ignorance are written by people who believe that ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s true though, ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s an act of evading life. The more you ignore the more life passes you by so it’s time we learn to stop ignorance and practice erudition. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge and understanding of how life works and that definitely doesn’t equate to bliss! In order to live a fulfilling life, one must continue to gain knowledge so whenever life throws curveballs, they’re ready to face and overcome. Success is achieved only through knowledge and experience and hence Quotes … Read More


35+ Quotes On Discipline

Quotes On Discipline are written for those who need a little boost and some motivation to exercise self-discipline in order to be successful in life. In order to live a fulfilling life and a life full of purpose, exercising self-discipline is extremely important. Discipline helps you live to your full potential as you hold yourself accountable for all your actions and reactions. With discipline, achieving goals and milestones become easy as you’ll be able to estimate, forecast, and plan to a near-perfect accuracy, leaving little to no room for mistakes, errors, or regrets. Have you noticed how all successful people … Read More


35+ Quotations On Contentment

Quotations On Contentment are written by people who learned the secret to happiness, success, and growth – contentment. To be content is to be satisfied with what you have, it’s about peace of mind and a constant state of happiness. Much like gratitude, being content is about appreciating what you have and exercising self-control to avoid getting looped in the destructive cycle of greed and discontent. A person whose content doesn’t desire less, they desire as much as everyone else, but they’ve learned to be thankful for what they have and are patient for what’s to come. Quotations On Contentment … Read More


34+ Quotations On Health

Quotations On Health are written by those who know that there’s no greater wealth than health. Health is the most valuable wealth and asset you have, but most of us take our health very lightly. Although there are many diet plans and exercises available, many of us don’t pay attention to how we live and what we eat until our health deteriorates. In order to live a fulfilling life, one must take good care of their health so as to enjoy the experiences and thrills that life provides as we grow, mature and manifest. Quotations On Health will help you … Read More


35+ Quotations On Vision

Quotations On Vision are written by people who’ve understood the power of planning and vision of the future. To have a vision is to be able to imagine, forecast, and plan an ideal future for yourself and your loved ones. People who have no vision often remain in the same situation and live the same quality of life for years while those with a vision excel and move on to manifest their ideal life. When you have a vision, you imagine what an ideal life would be like, and with vision, wisdom, and motivation you make your dream life a … Read More


35+ Faith Quotes

Faith Quotes are for those who’ve realized the power faith has on the quality of life. Faith is a complicated topic, something science can’t measure, but a feeling or an emotion that has priority in many people’s lives. Faith shouldn’t be taken lightly, it’s a powerful emotion that has the capability of paving the way through mountains and valleys to lead you to your destination as effortlessly as possible. Faith is a complete trust in the Divine, a complete trust that whatever happens, you’ll be taken care of and that you’ll be fine. Faith encourages positive thinking and positive thinking … Read More


35+ Laughter Quotes

Laughter Quotes are written by those who’ve discovered the power that laughter has on our quality of life. It may not look like it, but a simple laugh can replace negative thoughts with positive ones, lighten the mood and reduce stress levels. Laughter has a significant impact on our minds, our life, and our health. Have you noticed how laughter helps us heal at the darkest points in our lives? Laughter has the power to heal us because it encourages happy and positive thoughts so we’re able to see life with a different perspective; one that leaves us refreshed and … Read More


35+ Oogway Quotes

Oogway Quotes are for those who know who Master Oogway was and how he’s become a beacon of hope for people who believe in the power of inner peace. Master Oogway, is known to be the founder of the Valley of Peace, the creator of Kung Fu, and the one who paved the way for the Dragon Warrior Legend. Master Oogway believes in the power of positivity and the presence of mind to overcome any situation you encounter in life. With a positive spirit and a presence of mind comes inner peace, the most powerful emotion that brings chaos, troubles, … Read More


35+ Authenticity Quotes

Authenticity Quotes are for those who yearn to be true to themselves. Only when you’re true to yourself can you discover who you are and what you can accomplish without having to sugarcoat your weaknesses. When you’re authentic to yourself, you indirectly and efficiently align yourself to your values, morals, goals, and ambitions to live a fulfilling life free from mediocrity and conformity. Authenticity Quotes are powerful words of wisdom that’ll act as a mirror to help you self-reflect, discover, uncover, evolve and transform into a better person. When you’re not true to yourself, you won’t know what you’re capable … Read More


35+ Transformation Quotes

Transformation Quotes are for those who’ve either embarked on their journey to transformation or those who want to embark on that journey that’ll change their lives. Transformation, although a challenge, marks an end to the old you and brings into existence a new you. Transformation is a necessity of life, especially if you want to manifest your dreams, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Transformation requires more than determination and grit, it requires honesty and commitment in order to step up your game to a whole new level. Transformation quotes will help you connect with your inner self and as you … Read More