The Benefits of Integrative Body-Mind Training

In meditation, the goal is to restore mental efficiency by bringing the mind into a state of tranquility. A more recent approach called Integrative Body-Mind Training (IBMT) is based on the theory that calming the mind begins with calming the body. As a holistic meditation technique, IBMT aims to acquire the benefits associated with meditation in a very short period of time. Integrative Body-Mind Awareness IBMT is a modern form of meditation based on traditional Chinese medicine, Taoism, and Confucianism (the philosophical teachings of Chinese philosopher Confucius). This method was developed and studied by Dr. Yi-Yuan Tang — a professor at the … Read More


An Overview of Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga and meditation are known to share symbolic similarities regarding philosophy and culture. Although these disciplines are unique, both practices are synonymous in being able to bring the mind and body into a relaxed and balanced state of harmony. While meditation is highly emphasized on the mental state of awareness as an anchor point, yoga includes movement of the body as a gateway to our energy centers. Yoga and meditation definitely share some very key aspects, but what remains constant is that when we are referring to the practice of meditation we are not necessarily speaking of yoga and vise … Read More


The Benefits of Meditation for Energy Enhancement

Meditation has become a little-known secret for the modern-day practitioner. You may have heard about how this mysterious ritual can be used as an effective relaxation technique or even a powerful way to get in touch with a deeper part of yourself. But did you know that meditation can also increase your energy? That may seem counterintuitive, but the concept of slowing down your mind to establish a balance between your mind and body is the exact reason why meditation is such a powerful way to stay energized. Why Do We Feel So Tired? Low energy can be a vicious … Read More


Freud’s Psychodynamic Theory of Personality Development

Sigmund Freud was a leading-edge psychiatrist who pioneered some of the most groundbreaking work regarding the human psyche. After attempting to use hypnosis as a way to access the inner workings of the mind, Freud developed a technique referred to as psychoanalysis — a treatment intended to illuminate the unconscious activity of an individual by making them consciously aware of it. Freud would have his patients get comfortable and lay down on their back and instruct them to talk freely about whatever comes to mind, almost as if they were talking to themselves. He would listen attentively, take notes, and attempt to trace … Read More


The Practice Of Stillness | Fascinating Meditation Facts

Meditation is still a very unusual and even mysterious concept that remains difficult for most people to wrap their heads around. Growing in popularity, meditation has become a little-known secret of our modern world. Something special that has influenced the lives of many in remarkable ways. With increased awareness shedding light on the many life-enhancing benefits, science and research has also been able to play an important role in uncovering some of the mysteries that meditation contains beneath the surface. Aside from being an effective way to find peace and inner stability, there are many more facts about meditation that … Read More

what-does-it -mean-to-stay-grounded

What Does It Mean to Stay Grounded?

With so many things fighting for your attention each day, do you ever feel like you are being pulled in many directions at once? When the constant stimulation of daily life gets to be a little much, the feeling of ‘flying off the handle’ or ‘losing a grip’ can be a good indication of falling out of balance — this is something that every human being can attest to experiencing at some point. When we encounter a tough challenge or an emotionally charged circumstance where things become too heavy on the mind, being grounded is what keeps us firmly rooted within ourselves and in reality. To be grounded … Read More


How to Use Daydreaming to Your Advantage?

According to various studies, the average person will daydream 47% of the time, every single day. Whether you’re at work or at rest, your brain will always find time to explore and zone out. And while daydreaming gets a bad rap, an ever-growing body of work suggests that not all mind wandering is a waste of time. Spacing out at work or school, for example, is seen as the ultimate display of laziness, incompetence, and lack of focus. It turns out that this notion could be wrong in more ways than one; your moments of distraction could actually be instances of … Read More


Introduction to Chi Energy Meditation Techniques

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla Quantum Energy and the Building Blocks of Nature One of the most fascinating and mysterious revelations of science, and more recently quantum physics, is that everything in the universe is made up of energy. This energy is at the core of nature and the building blocks of all matter. What we have been learning from the work of Nobel physicists (among many other scientists around the world) such as Niels Bohr — Danish physicist who contributed significantly to understanding atomic structure and … Read More


Open Monitoring Meditation & Focused Attention Technique

Meditation is the silent art of awareness and observation. By bringing the activity of your mind into alignment, meditation helps reduce mental and physical stress by cleansing your mind into a natural process of release. When it comes to meditation, there are two main techniques that correspond with different aspects of this alert focus. Open Monitoring Meditation When you are awake and conscious, your mind is constantly flowing with activity. The thoughts that occupy your mind are like a stream of energy that moves in frequencies of slow and fast. In open-monitoring meditation, you are open to anything that is taking place in your thoughts, or that enters … Read More


Is Hypnosis Therapy Real or Fake?

Hypnosis therapy is not something new. This technique has existed for thousands of years but still remains a difficult concept to fully understand and accept in terms of today. The process of hypnosis therapy (hypnotherapy) is a form of treatment used to bypass someone’s voluntary action response in order to activate subconscious change in behavior, habit, attitude, thoughts, and reaction. In a hypnosis therapy session, the subject is able to enter an enhanced state of focus and concentration without distraction. This is achieved by reaching a state of induced consciousness through imagery, mental triggers, and guided suggestion. Here we take … Read More