Pleasure Pain Principle – What Drives Us?

We, humans, are incredibly complex beings; a swirling vortex of biology, chemistry, physiology, and emotion.  But the irony is that we’re also very simple – certainly when it comes to what drives us and motivates us to do the things we do (or don’t do). Can’t find the motivation to finally paint the spare room? Perhaps you have a garage full of random things that you’ve been meaning to sort through and donate to goodwill?  Maybe making an important phone call can’t seem to find its place in your awkward schedule? We’ve all got a list of things that need … Read More


How To Meditate Effectively?

The purpose of meditation is to bring your focus into the moment as consistently as possible. Daily practice is also an effective way to experience less worry, more energy, more drive, and a balanced emotional state.  During your meditation, it is natural for thoughts to occur and your mind to wander, but by bringing your attention back into a focal point of the moment — such as your breath, an object, a sound, or a phrase that you repeat — you are practising meditation and strengthening the part of your brain that influences: your focus your intuition and creativity your emotional regulation your ability to make positive decisions As you practice this … Read More