What Is The Mind-Body Connection?

The terms ‘mind-body connection’ and ‘mind-body medicine’ are commonly used in the context that our thoughts influence the functioning of our body. When it comes to yoga, this notion carries a lot of weight but is considered only a small fraction of what the mind-body connection actually entails. How Mind Affects your Body Yoga teachers describe this mind-body connection as something abstract;  this is a connection that we forge with our yoga practice but in reality, this mind-body link is present all the time whether we are aware of it or not. One of the most common examples of the … Read More


How To Trigger The Relaxation Response?

Modern life is fast-paced and often quite frantic — people are literally running everywhere. It has become difficult to figure out how to relax and let the mind be at peace, and yet, this is something we all so desperately need.  which in large quantities can be cortisol, If we can’t relax, the body continues to build extremely bad for our organs and our body’s ability to heal. In medicine, this hormone is often referred to as ‘the stress molecule’. Finding ways to relax and allow the mind and body to rest has never been more important. A pioneer in mind-body medicine, Dr. … Read More


The Relationship Between Body Awareness and Emotion

Science, medicine, and philosophy has allowed us to explore some of the mysteries concerning the harmonious relationship between the mind and the energy of the physical body. Taking one step deeper into this connection, we are learning more about, not only the relationship between the mind and body but more specifically how the awareness of our body plays a key role in the experience of emotion. This deep-rooted interaction is what gives rise to the mind-body connection in terms of therapy and mental healing. Basic Body Awareness Therapy Inspired by various movement systems such as Zen meditation, yoga, and T’ai … Read More