How to Let Go of Negative Energy?

Do you ever feel like what you try to avoid most in life are the same things that seem to appear most frequently in your thoughts?

The human mind is great at being drawn towards worry, fear, and disturbance. Before we can relax and be at peace, the mind must first make sure that there is no potential danger and that everything is okay. The problem, though, is that conflict can take on many forms, and distraction is everywhere.


What’s interesting is that the doubts and worries that we cling to the most are created by the same mind that fears them — otherwise, they just don’t exist. When we are holding on to a thought or a circumstance, we are attributing a lot of reality to something that most likely isn’t real.

Most of these thoughts are spontaneous scenarios called conceptualizations — an invented idea that is formulated mentally.

This reflex may be useful at times because it helps us create a mental storyline that we can use to formulate ideas and create reference points. These concepts also help us assess risk. But because we are able to cling so easily to negativity; constantly analyzing bad events and potential danger can spiral into repetitive distraction and even chronic stress.

When you begin to feel overwhelmed with anxious thoughts and uncomfortable feelings, this could be a good sign that it might be time to let go of these ideas and make room for some new and exciting ones.

Here are some ways that can make letting go an easy thing to practice.

Establish presence and practice awarenessThe future can be a scary place to explore. Uncertainty can drive us nuts because there is no stable conclusion. What’s ironic is that the time we spend in contemplation is the same exact time that could be used to influence the potential outcome. The future is constantly being constructed in the present, and by spending your time worrying about what might happen, you are neglecting the only place that you will ever be able to do something about it.

Being aware means recognizing the subtle details that remind you of what’s real. Embracing the reality of each passing moment is a release; an alignment of the natural flow. Notice the details of your surroundings.

How naturally things seem to exist in your environment and how simple everything can be if you are able to just observe.

You become fully involved in what is actually taking place. You are in touch with the moment-to-moment aspect of life and you realize that everything else is only a concept or an idea. If you are always focusing on making peace with the present moment, you are actively creating a balance of open space and possibility.

Choose your battles

Letting go is a process and being able to let go means accepting that you always have a choice. When you notice yourself getting pulled into a negative or anxious thought and your emotions start to get involved, take the time to slow down and assess the situation.

You may realize that getting involved and following through with the thought process might be a great way to resolve something in a positive way. On the other hand, you may discover that whatever is taking place will not be able to benefit from you thinking about it any further and there is nothing you can do about it in the present moment.

By practicing awareness of thought, instead of reacting to everything that comes your way, you now have an open set of options available to you.

If your thought process is not productive or if you are not solving any particular problem, this is a good indication that you can take a step back and let it go before you get pulled in by emotion and the force of negative energy. This is much easier to do the instant a situation arises and before the momentum of thought can take place.

Change your inner dialogue

The thoughts we carry and the words we use to communicate internally shape us from the inside out. This interaction ultimately sets the blueprint for many different aspects of how our life unfolds.

By taking responsibility for how we communicate with ourselves and with others, we are claiming control over the language that dictates the quality of our experience in life. Positive affirmation meditation might be the best way to communicate with the deepest parts of your subconscious mind.

From this part of the mind, many of your actions, beliefs, habits, and behaviors are already programmed and ready to be activated.

By changing the ongoing conversation that you are having with yourself and by introducing new ideas into your internal dialogue, you are creating new pathways in the brain that will provide a powerful way to let go of old and repetitive thoughts in exchange for new and productive ones.

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Set some positive goals

Instead of considering the future as a scary mystery, try creating a positive and exciting vision before attaching some goals to it. Develop your big vision into a written statement. Be very specific on what your life will be like, what your life will look like, and what you will need to do to get there.

Write this down on one piece of paper then break it down into smaller goals. At the start of each day, choose five small goals that you will address that day and that will align you with your big vision. These five goals become your main priority.

An example of a small goal would be reading five pages of a book, writing 500 words, 10 minutes of exercise, or express gratitude to someone you love.

Ironically, having a positive anchor for the future and associating manageable goals with the outcome will actually pull you closer back into the present moment.

It becomes easier to release any fears of the future or limitations from the past because now you have assumed a proactive approach. You are now able to create some positive behavior and experience some progress towards some optimistic thinking.

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