The Illuminating Benefits of Gamma Brainwaves

Beneath the surface of your thoughts and feelings, there are billions of neurons in constant communication with each other. By sending and receiving signals of electromagnetic impulse, brainwave patterns can describe the resulting frequencies of this activity.

As you move through each day, and even while you are asleep, your brain is operating at different frequency levels. For example, when you are alert and fully awake you are in the Beta brainwave state — associated with normal waking consciousness. The Delta frequency is experienced when you are in very deep, dreamless sleep.

Everywhere in between is where you experience other states such as Theta — associated with deep meditation, visualization, and intuition — and Alpha state — present in deep relaxation, lucid flow, mental balance, and when you are entering a light meditation.

Where things start to get much more interesting is when we begin to uncover Gamma brainwaves. 

Though little is known about this mysterious state of mind, research indicates Gamma brainwaves to be associated with intense bursts of creative insight, higher states of consciousness, peak concentration, and extremely high levels of cognitive functioning.

The Discovery of Gamma Brainwave Frequencies

Until the development of digital electroencephalography (used to monitor electrical activity of the brain), Gamma waves were undetected because of their very high oscillation.

In 1988 it was found that distinct regions of the brain could be stimulated simultaneously, giving rise to the discovery of brainwave patterns reaching the 30Hz to 70Hz frequency.

Through experiments ran in 1990, neuroscientists Francis Crick and Christof Koch were able to find a significant relation between conscious sensory perception and visual awareness within this specific high-speed frequency.

It was discovered that within this range, we are able to experience wakeful dream states as a result of receiving sensory input from various parts of the brain while completely coherent and aware.

It was later supported by experiments ran by Dr. Rodolfo Llinás that consciousness in awakened states, as well as dreaming, is present in the brainwave frequency of 40Hz.

This is where the brain is able to bind complex amounts of information and send it to us in the form of new ideas, mental imagery, and spontaneous bursts of creative insight.

Neuroscientists now believe that Gamma waves are able to link information from all parts of the brain simultaneously.

This brainwave frequency can be found in deep dream states (rapid eye movement sleep), but Gamma waves can also be accessed while completely awake, resulting in extreme focus and intense mental clarity.

Properties of Gamma Waves

People with higher levels of Gamma brainwave activity will often experience improvements in memory and the ability to vividly recall past experiences. Gamma waves are also known to vividly enhance the vividness of reality.

This attuned sensory perception will make smells more powerful, sights and sounds much more clear, and flavors taste more intense.

Due to the speed of this frequency pattern, your brain can process much more information per second than would normally be possible. This is a great way to stimulate creative and innovative thinking with an extreme ability to stay focused.

Gamma brainwaves are also attributed to people with high IQ and are associated with advanced learning ability. Those who experience Gamma brainwaves naturally tend to feel more compassionate towards others while experiencing a heightened sense of joy.

People who suffer from depression usually register lower than average brainwave frequency levels. It is for this reason that Gamma brainwaves have been found as being a powerful antidepressant-type brainwave while naturally raising the brainwave into a much more functioning state.

Gamma Brainwaves and Meditation

Gamma waves are believed to be our gateway to insight and blissful awareness. Perhaps because these specific brainwaves were found in Tibetan Buddhist monks who were practicing compassion meditation.

Compassion comes from a feeling of oneness with all creation. This is the feeling of natural euphoria and flow that accompany high levels of gamma brainwave activity.

Gamma waves are usually present during deep dream states and can usually be accessed through visualization meditation.

Many studies have been done on advanced meditators, including Tibetan Buddhist monks and Celestine nuns. Both groups demonstrated the ability to produce gamma waves during meditation.

The studies showed a significant increase in brain activity in the left prefrontal cortex (associated with self-control, happiness, and compassion) and greatly reduced activity in the amygdala – the brain’s fight or flight response center. This suggests that meditation can actually make you a much happier and insightful person overall.

Gamma brainwaves are where we are able to tap into intense amounts of information and insight. While falling into deep states of dreaming, we are opened up to a wide world of communication between different levels of the brain.

What makes Gamma waves interesting is that this level of information processing is also available to us when we are awake. Meditation and brainwave entrainment are perhaps the best ways to access these advanced levels of conscious awareness and intense bursts of insight.

Using binaural beats to access the experience of gamma meditation is as simple as getting comfortable, putting on your headphones and allowing your mind to soar into a heightened state of profound illuminated consciousness!

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