Positive Affirmation Meditation – The What, Why and How

The words we use each day are far more powerful than we usually notice. The power of language has a huge impact on the energy that you are contributing to your surroundings and the quality of interaction in your everyday relationships.

Each word contains a specific frequency, and the words you use act as signals that trigger meaning, emotion, and reaction. But what carries even more power than the words you speak with others are the words you use with yourself.

The Space of Meditation to Communicate With Self

When practising meditation, we are learning how to transcend the ordinary thinking patterns of the conventional mind in order to access a higher state of awareness.

If you have ever experienced deep meditation, you know that the mind becomes very receptive to a surprising amount of energy when it is given the chance to find balance.

This energy can usually be felt throughout the body, and while in this state, the mind is also very receptive to deep levels of communication. When you are able to reach this frame of mind, you have gained control of your psyche.

Instead of allowing the demands of your ordinary thought process to steal your energy, you now have the power to guide your thinking, and ultimately guide your life.

Meditation is the most powerful place to plant intention, and when you are able to open yourself up to the moment, positive affirmation meditation might be the best way to communicate with the deepest parts of your mind.

Why Does the Mind Sometimes Work Against Us?

The reason we so often feel stressed and overwhelmed is because we are too busy trying to resolve conflict that has no immediate solution.

When we are worrying about the future bills that need to get paid, or what will happen two months from now, the mind gets to work trying to find solutions to problems that don’t even exist. This can only lead to one place: a tired mind.

Even though this deep part of your mind is causing you inner turmoil by running frantic, it is only trying to help you based on the signals you are sending it. The inner workings of your mind are unaware that it is actually causing you unnecessary stress, anxiety, and harm.

When we become conscious of this, we can actually take control of the signals we are sending and actually guide the mind into a more positive direction.

By giving the mind something positive to feed on, it can take a break from useless tasks and get to work on behaviour that can benefit you right now! Your mind is always trying to help you and sometimes it just needs some pointing in the right direction.

Positive Affirmation Meditation

This type of meditation has been associated with law of attraction, but positive affirmation meditation is really just a direct communication with yourself in order to initiate positive change in your perspective using intentional language.

Mediation is where space is created and the dust is swept away. Where past and future are reduced into the present moment and the only thing left is the energy of life and abundant possibility.

The past or future do not really exist, so it only makes sense that the most productive place for the mind to implicate a positive outcome is the moment itself. Meditation provides the ideal conditions for intentions to manifest into a real outcome.

Here are some ways to get the best out of positive affirmation meditation.

  • The first few minutes after waking up in the morning is a very special time – this is when the mind is most receptive to influence. So it is very important to be intentional with where your attention is being placed and the thoughts you are bringing into the day.

If you are rushing out of bed after a buzzing alarm and already thinking about how difficult the day will be, you will notice that the hours that follow will usually be hectic and slightly frantic.

This is why the morning routine is the best place to incorporate positive affirmations. First thing in the morning and right before your meditation is the perfect time to implement confident and positive language into your psyche. This will translate into a calm, controlled, and productive day.

  • The thoughts that you carry into the bedroom before going to sleep also have a very significant impact on the quality of your sleep as well as your brain’s ability to heal and rejuvenate. Positive affirmation meditation with calm intentions will send a strong signal to your brain that it is time to unwind and release.

Instead of trying to resolve negative conflict while you are trying to sleep, you are giving your mind permission to settle down, energize, and refocus. You will soon notice that when you wake up in the morning, you are getting out of bed with clean energy and a clear mind.

  • Start by preparing your affirmations. Make a list of 5, to begin with, and eventually, you can incorporate more. Be clear of your intentions and begin your affirmations with “I am”.

This is very important because your deeper mind responds very well to direction that is stated in the present tense as if it is already taking place.

The present moment is where everything takes place, and by communicating directly within this space, your mind is ready to respond to your positive cues. By bringing your intentions into the present moment, you are tapping into a concentrated wealth of receptive energy.

If you wish to start the day with confidence, you may use “I am thriving with confidence” or “I am in complete control of my environment” as your first affirmation. If you would like to generate a positive vibe for yourself, you may also include “I am positive and full of vibrant energy” as another one of your affirmations.

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  • Get comfortable in your meditation spot. Sit with your back straight up, and breathe deeply until you feel your body start to sink and your mind begins to settle. You can listen to calming meditation music or even brainwave entrainment audio to help guide you into a relaxed state of mind. Meditate for at least 5 minutes.

  • When you feel calm and focused, you can begin to repeat your affirmations out loud, one at a time. Continue repeating your positive affirmations one at a time, slowly and calmly.

  • With each affirmation, try your best to really feel the energy of each word and internalize the meaning. Visualize what each affirmation means to you and feel it in your body. Remain in touch with the sensations of your body and keep your focus on the affirmations, and the moment that you occupy.

Bringing intention to the words you use within yourself will trigger a very positive change in how you feel and how your mind operates on a daily basis. Be creative with your affirmations, but also stay consistent.

If you intend to create positive and lasting change to your overall state of mind and well being, it is recommended to include the same specific affirmations for at least six months while incorporating different ones along the way based on your needs.

Start with 5 minutes, twice each day and gradually work your way up to 20 minutes.

You can combine positive affirmations with your daily meditation practice, or you can do your affirmations right after your meditation session, while you are in a coherent state of calm focus. Do what feels right and enjoy the process.

Positive affirmation meditation is not an overnight phenomenon. But with practice and consistent focus, you will be extremely surprised at the positive change that will begin to take place within yourself and in your life!

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