35+ Islamic Quotes

Islamic Quotes are for those who believe that the Quran is the ultimate truth and that the verses present in the Holy Book have the power to help you manifest your dreams.

These quotes can help you retain your presence of mind and leave you with positive mental health. Islamic Quotes are all about being a good human and doing good deeds to benefit yourself and the people around you.

These quotes will fill you with inner peace and strength, two of the most important characteristics of a true believer. Regardless of the religion you belong to, Islamic Quotes will leave you refreshed with a new perspective of the way you live your life. 

Islamic Quotes

1. “Sometimes the blessings are not in what He gives, but in what He takes away.”

2. “Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate the blessings they already have. Say Alhamdulillah every moment of life.”

3. “The Worst of our faults is our interest in other people’s Faults.”

4. “Allah is with the doers of good.”

5. “The more you let go, the higher you rise.”

6. “Be like a diamond, precious and rare, not like a stone, found everywhere.”

7. “Sometimes, all it takes is just one prayer to change everything.”

8. “Being a Muslim is more than just going to the Masjid. Allah wants your Attention, not your Attendance.”

9. “Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear.”

10. “When the world pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray.”

11. “To get what you love, you must first be patient with what you hate.”

12. “Suffering is a gift. In it is hidden mercy.”

13. “No one will reap except what they sow.”

14. “The deeper you go in faith, the more beautiful life becomes.”

15. “Taking pains to remove the pains of others is the true essence of generosity.”

16. “Doctors can treat you, but only Allah can heal you.”

17. “If Allah is with you, never to worry who is against you.”

18. “If Allah wants to do good to somebody, He afflicts him with trials.”

19. “Patience is not about how long you can wait, but how well you behave while you’re waiting.”

20. “A busy life makes prayer harder, but prayer makes a busy life easier.”

21. “Worldly life is short, so turn to Allah before you return to Allah.”

22. “The bravest heart is the one that stays close to Allah (God), even, when it’s in pain.”

23. “When things are too hard to handle retreat & count your blessings instead.”

24. “Never underestimate the power of Dua (supplication).”

25. “Allah tests us with what we love.”

26. “Once prayer becomes a habit, success becomes a lifestyle.”

27. “The richest of the rich is the one who is not a prisoner to greed.”

28. “The solution to every problem is in SABR (patience) and ISTIGFAAR (seeking forgiveness).”

29. “Lead your heart to prayer and one day your heart will lead you to prayer.”

30. “Allah knows what is the best for you and when it’s best for you to have it.”

31. “Speak only when your words are more beautiful than the silence.”

32. “When things are too hard to handle, retreat & count your blessings instead.”

33. “The beauty of the Quran is that you cannot change its message, but its message can change you.”

34. “When we repair our relationship with Allah, He repairs everything else for us.”

35. “Allah understands our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say Them.”

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