Aromatherapy Candles for Stress Relief

Using Aromatherapy Candles for Stress Relief

Stress is a common experience that you may be quite familiar with. While understanding that stress is a natural response triggered by real events that take place in your life or even imagined situations, it is important to understand that stress will always be a factor throughout various aspects of your life. If left unchecked it can become debilitating and result in a number of undesirable feelings and behaviors. The trick to handling stress is learning how to cope with it as opposed to avoiding it. Common stress triggers can be relationships, our jobs or financial worries. In the same way that … Read More


The Soothing Effects of Audio Therapy

As humans, we are acutely aware and sensitive to sound. From our time in the womb, our sense of hearing has developed to be one of our most important and instinctive tools. We experience sounds at various levels within our body — from our ears even to the surface of our skin. The subtle vibrational pressure created by sound conducts energy in the cells of our body, which are largely made up of water. Sound moves at a rate almost four times faster than air — creating a frequency that can be sensed at the most subtle levels of the … Read More


Finding Solace in the Home

From the mother swallow building her nest, to the old dog contentedly curling up in a blanket near the heater, animals understand the importance of a resting place. The home is a place of safety and self-care. It is where we go to nurture ourselves and those we love, where we find privacy and comfort. In today’s world, there are so many resources, choices, and stimuli begging for our attention. So much so, that even when we are at home, we are not fully there — the mind is usually elsewhere. The digital screens that hold our attention have become … Read More